Welcome to Floppy Hat Adventures, the international travel blog, discounted travel, influencer marketing, and adventure tour company brought to you by the husbands behind the hats, William Bessette and Brandon Washington!


Who’s behind Floppy Hat Adventures?

Brandon Washington and William Bessette are the husbands behind the hats. Together for nearly eight years and married for nearly four, they have lived on the road as digital nomads since 2018, traveling across 29 countries during that time. Floppy Hat Adventures arose as a way for them to share their travels with friends and family, but has since evolved into so much more. Today, FHA is a source for information, discounted travel, tours, adventure travel, and influencer marketing deals.  And now we embark on our biggest adventure yet, a bespoke adventure tour to Belize in November, 2021. Click the button below or scroll to the next section to learn more!



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What’s Next for Floppy Hat Adventures?

What’s Next for Floppy Hat Adventures?

Hello adventurers, and welcome to 2022! After spending 2.5 years in Costa Rica during COVID-19 and trying and failing to sell out our Belize Tour, thanks to the Delta Variant, Floppy Hat Adventures decided it was time to hit the road again. As of two months ago, we...

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What It’s Like Traveling While Gay (and Interracial)

What It’s Like Traveling While Gay (and Interracial)

It is a question we get asked a lot: "What is it like traveling the world as a gay/interracial couple?" So, we felt now was as good a time as any to write a blog about it! Certainly, we are not the only interracial or gay couples traveling. If we can offer some...

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