About Us

About Us

Whose that guy over there?” asks William looking across the bar. “There’s something about him, he’s going to be my boyfriend, I know it.” Seven years later they are married and traveling the world together, but not before an epic proposal in Bangkok, Thailand (seriously, you have to see this).

After selling all of their material possessions down to two backpacks and two carry-on items, William and Brandon got married at the courthouse in December of 2017 and moved out of their home in Portland, Oregon to begin a life on the road. Their first stop? Lima, Peru.

Over the next three years and through a total of 39 countries, Brandon and William are seeing it all. Their ultimate goal is to use their love as inspiration for people all over the world. As an interracial gay male couple, their mere existence is an act of rebellion in many places. Still, the people and places of the world deserve to be seen, and they want to take you with them

Over the past three years, William and Brandon have nurtured relationships with major hotel and resort chains all over the world. They also partner with travel companies, hotels, and other travel operators. As master network marketers, owners of a digital marketing agency, and travel bloggers, they truly live the digital nomad dream.

Please, check out the different areas of the Floppy Hat Adventures website, learn more about who we are and what we do, and maybe win a resort stay somewhere along the way!

About Brandon

Brandon here! Welcome to our page. Since I was a kid, I was very active, always playing outside, playing pickup football, basketball, foot-racing people in the street, rollerblading, learning tricks on BMX bikes, skateboards, Razor Scooters, climbing trees and anything else I can get myself into.

I took all that energy and put it into competing in little league baseball then USA Track and Field Junior Olympics.

While growing up my family felt it important to travel and see as much as we could. They took us on many trips all over the country, which made us open minded and more complete people. Today, I am very involved with LGBTQ+ rights and activism involving the black community. 

This made me get the travel bug at a very young age.

So after meeting William and working a career for almost seven years, traveling around the world with him – even though I would be quitting my career job – was a fairly easy decision.

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About William

Hello adventurers! My name is William Bessette and I am a freelance writer and overall adventurer. Whether it be reviewing a new restaurant in my home town of Portland, Oregon, or jetting off to new corner of the country or world, I’m usually with my husband on the go.

This is why we’ve created Floppy Hat Adventures. Our mission is to introduce you to new and exciting parts of the world and the communities that make up our diverse global fabric.

My focus is on eco-tourism, community involvement, dining, adventuring and LGBTQ+ travel. These have always been my passions. 

Together with my husband, Brandon, we will be introducing you through articles, photos and videos, to places all over the globe. So join us in our adventures as we discover the travel secrets you want to know and maybe even award you a resort stay somewhere in the world

Now grab your floppy hat and let’s go!

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