Hello adventurers, and welcome to 2022! After spending 2.5 years in Costa Rica during COVID-19 and trying and failing to sell out our Belize Tour, thanks to the Delta Variant, Floppy Hat Adventures decided it was time to hit the road again. As of two months ago, we are full-time travelers again. Currently, we are in Belize, and we have been bringing you as much content as we can to our Floppy Hat Facebook Page, our Instagram Channel, and our YouTube channel. We have also made some changes we want to tell you about. 

First, we would love for you to revisit our YouTube Channel. Brandon has been hard at work making new videos at least twice a week. These videos follow our new adventures on the road. You’ll find some amazing things in there, from exploding magma in volcano craters to an amazing marine safari off Ambergris Caye in Belize. In some of our most recent posts, William got his PADI Open Water certification and dived the Blue Hole, up to 140 feet down. Belize has been incredible. 

So, the question now is: what’s next for Floppy Hat Adventures? Well, with the COVID-19 pandemic receding in severity, we have made the calculation that it was time to get back on the road after over two years in beautiful Costa Rica, still one of our favorite countries. The good news is, we have big plans coming up. 

What Happened After Costa Rica?

When we started two months ago, we decided to finish out Central America. We had been there for a long time. And though we took visa runs to Panama and visited the states to see family, for the entirety of the pandemic we did not visit any other countries in Central America. So, we decided, why not finish up Central America? We started in Nicaragua, where we had quite the experience at the Nicaraguan border trying to bring our drone into the country. But although we had drama at the border, we ended up LOVING Nicaragua.

We met some amazing people there and had once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Our stops included San Juan del Sur, Ometepe, Granada and Leon, where we went volcano boarding, which was nuts! After Nicaragua, we stopped through Honduras on our way to El Salvador, where we spent a week in El Tunco enjoying the vibe. We really enjoyed El Tunco, but unless you are a surfer, there is not a whole lot to do there. Still, the people were so nice and El Salvadoran pupusas are a must-try!

After El Salvador, we decided it was time to go to Belize. This is where we decided to go on an amazing dive adventure where William would go on 10 total dives, culminating in his dive 140 feet down into the Great Blue Hole. Meanwhile, Brandon had one of the most amazing snorkels of his life at the Hol Chan Marine reserve. From turtles to eagle rays, nurse sharks, fish and so much more, he saw it all. Our time on Ambergris Caye finished out with a trip to Blue Bayou on Secret Beach. We rented a golf cart and bounced around the island. It was so much fun. And that brings us to right now! What do we have on tap now?

What’s Next for Floppy Hat Adventures?

The adventure has only just begun. Certainly, the world is still going through hard times, and nothing is ever certain, but we want to get out and support the global community as we had before when we were on the road. Collectively, we have now been to 47 countries, and there are a lot many more to go. After Belize we head to Mexico. We will spend three weeks in Mexico, then head to Guatemala, where we will do a humanitarian tour as part of our work with Guatemalan Humanitarian Tours. From there comes the big move.

On or around June 26, we will fly to London! That will begin four or five months in Europe depending on how we can maneuver around the Schengen Zone. Our plans are to visit England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, then do the Camino de Santiago from Lisbon, go to Spain, visit the border between France and Switzerland, visit Italy, the Netherlands, and Germany. Will it work out that way? We aren’t sure, but the plan is to be in Europe for as long as we can.

During this time, we plan to bring you all the tips, tricks, videos, suggestions for hotels, tours, and so much more. We will continue to do the resort drawings and grow the Floppy Hat community. Whatever plans we have for the now or the future – we will bring through right to you, our Floppy Hat Family. Thank you for following on our journey. We love to bring you with us to the world. Get ready because there is a lot more to come!